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Digital camera strips America of its pride
The collection of photographs begins like a travelogue from Iraq. Here are US soldiers posing in front of a mosque. Here is a soldier riding a camel ...  | Read.. 
Top cop turns peeping Tom
The former head of a US military police unit at Baghdad’s Abu Ghraib prison is under investigation following charges he secretly photographed naked female US soldiers as they ...  | Read.. 
Blame game begins
President Bush privately admonished defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld yesterday, a senior White House official said, as other US officials blamed the Pentagon for failing ...  | Read.. 
Bush apology
US President George W. Bush today told Jordan’s King Abdullah that he was sorry for the humiliation suffered by Iraqi prisoners and their families. ...  | Read.. 
A digital photograph shows a group of naked men bound together on the floor of the Abu Ghraib prison. (Reuters)
Donors deliver democracy and rights sting
In the first official and public criticism of the king, Nepal’s donors have expressed concern o..  | Read.. 
‘HIV medics’ on death row
A Libyan court sentenced five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor today to death by firing sq..  | Read.. 
Bloody battle in Najaf, 41 killed
US troops attacked Shia militia forces around the Iraqi hol ...  | Read..