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Picasso Pipe knocks Van Gogh off price perch
Picasso’s Boy With a Pipe set a new world record for the most expensive painting ever sold at auction yesterday when it soared to $104,168,000 at Sotheby’s. ...  | Read.. 
Naomi privacy punch to Mirror
Supermodel Naomi Campbell scored a legal victory against a tabloid newspaper today, in a case sure to have far-reaching impl ...  | Read.. 
Pep pill for UK call centres
A UK government report published today said that the call centre industry in Britain was set to expand by 200,000 jobs over ...  | Read.. 
‘Been in accident’ at book fair'
Persian is famed as the melodic, courtly language of mediaeval poets such as Omar Khayyam and Hafez, but it is a dictionary ...  | Read.. 
Spotlight on the women in Tagore’s life
The mystery that surrounds Tagore’s relationship with sister-in-law Kadambari Devi and, more importantly, wife Mrinalini Devi has attracted biographers as well as researchers ...  | Read.. 
Lively gender issues
This season has seen an uncommonly large number of productions committed to the cause of women, as readers of these columns can testify. If researchers on gender issues studie...  | Read.. 
Experiments in creativity
The extensive reach of Tagore’s music — in spite of its inherent regional slant as far as lyrics matter — is phenomenal. Based in Qatar, far-removed from the predominance of T...  | Read.. 
Modernity redefined
Eye for digital dabbling
Haphazard display
Happy princess: Actor Julie Andrews, star of The Sound of Music and the 1964 Disney classic Mary Poppins, announces plans for Disneyland ...  | Read