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Heart aflutter, BJP hugs heartland
Panic is far from the BJP’s mind, but pleased it is not. ...  | Read.. 
Repoll in three legs in Manipur, clashes on
The Election Commission ordered a three-phase repoll, beginning tomorrow, in 117 centres of Outer Manipur constituency amid reports of more violence by militants opposed ...  | Read.. 
Modi needs no Nero
Smarting under the “modern-day Neros” blow, Narendra Modi today appealed to the Supreme Court to take back its words. ...  | Read.. 
Ghani, unsung prodigy
A graduate at nine, shows affidavit
Michael Kearney had better watch out, Abu Barkat Ataul Ghani Khan Chowdhury is here. ...  | Read.. 
Vajpayee shakes hands with a member of Atal Himmyat, a support committee of Islamic leaders from Uttar Pradesh, in Delhi. (AFP)
I need the support (of Muslims) not because of elections but because I have been striving for years that Hindus and Muslims live together, foster brotherhood...

Young women harassed at home and outside
The 25-year-old who was molested at a crowded railway station on Monday on her way back from wo ...  | Read..
Exit, not entry, is the worry
If the exit polls have left the BJP squirming in private, the Congress seems to feel more comfo ...  | Read..
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Opportunistic' Ask Jaya first
At 80, Muthuvel Karunanidhi sets a scorching pace in his Tempo Traveller ...   | Read.. 
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Premji calms CM’s outsourcing jitters
Outsourcing is not squeezing job opportunities in the US. The growth of ...   | Read.. 
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Suicide blasts smash Basra calm, 68 die
Suicide bombers killed at least 68 people, 17 of them children incinerated ...   | Read.. 
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EB move within a point of quarters
East Bengal beat Island FC of the Maldives 3-0 in their AFC Cup group ...   | Read.. 
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Court sets free murder accused
A court in Howrah on Wednesday set free Rakhal Das and five associates, cha ...   | Read.. 
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Gently eastwards
The author is a retired ambassador and is currently a distinguished fellow ...   | Read.. 
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Ballot fears fade away, markets breathe easy
Share prices surged on the back of exit polls indicating an encore for the ...   | Read.. 
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What lies between Britney and the Bond Girl
Britney, you are no Pussy Galore. A recent television report revealed that ...   | Read..