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What lies between Britney and the Bond Girl
Britney, you are no Pussy Galore. A recent television report revealed that Britney Spears has had the gall to approach Barbara Broccoli, a producer of Bond films, with a view to becoming the next Bond Girl. ...  | Read.. 
Food fad real
People who say they are addicted to chocolate or pizza may not be exaggerating, US-based scientists said yesterday. ...  | Read.. 
Britons want more privacy for celebs
Most Britons would support stronger laws to protect the privacy of celebrities, a poll released today suggests as newspapers ...  | Read.. 
Crisis, not life, begins at 40
Men in their 40s are turning to plastic surgery, personal trainers and counselling in an attempt to cope with an early m ...  | Read.. 
Kim for a cause
Actor Kim Basinger yesterday sold her 3.7-carat diamond engagement ring from ex-husband Alec Baldwin for $59,750 to a Beverl ...  | Read.. 
Off the label
<% temp="It’s promoted as a wonder vitamin for the brain — something that will treat “intellectual decay… lack of alertness… and learning disabilities associated with the written word." btag=instr(lcase(temp),"") if btag then temp=mid(temp,btag+3) response.write temp %>...  | Read.. 
Check-out: Left high and dry in transit
A passenger travelling on an international flight knows that he must have a valid visa to enter the country to which he is travelling. During the journey, the airline may stop...  | Read.. 
My daughter, Shilpa Srivastava, was selected for an MBA programme (batch 2003-2005) at the Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management, Calcutta. On April 12, 2...  | Read.. 
Actor Winona Ryder at a function honouring Richard Gere in New York. (Reuters)