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Tough call: rioters or onlookers
Rais Khan Pathan does not have a problem helping and healing riot victims, no matter how bad the wounds are. But ask him which party you should vote, and he would be caught between the devil and the deep sea. ...  | Read.. 
Valley rally strike toll rises
Two more persons succumbed to injuries sustained in the grenade attack on the People’s Democratic Party rally at Uri in Baramulla district yesterday, taking the toll to 1 ...  | Read.. 
Jharkhand policemen lured into trap
Investigations into Wednesday’s bloodbath at Baliba indicate that the police fell into a trap laid by the extremists. ...  | Read.. 
Row over Jarawa talks
A seminar to draw up a comprehensive policy for the dwindling Jarawa tribe of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands has kicked up a storm, reports our correspondent. ...  | Read.. 
Krishna at Kurukshetra with another ‘CM’
Chief minister Krishna vs Mukhyamantri Chandru. ...  | Read.. 
Orphan schoolboy Ranjith S dressed as Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee at a march in Bangalore on Friday. The children sang patriotic songs to high ...  | Read
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Zero line thrill
Vote on wheels
Degree count
Shine on lips, terror in air
The sun blazed down on the motorcade as it snaked through the ridges and round the sharp bends,..  | Read.. 
India Shining' Shoeshine boy walks the talk
Thwack, bang, thwack, bang… goes the cobbler’s brush on his wooden box, beckoning weary travellers ..  | Read.. 
Jayashree clings to Carnegie comfort
Guess who Jayashree Goswami-Mahanta’s constant compani ...  | Read.. 

Centre shifts snap poll ban onus to EC
A day after a law ministry note advised against banning ...  | Read.. 

Mulayam offers Bharat over India
Mulayam Singh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party has vowed to change t ...  | Read.. 

Mahabharat mantra for BJP
Remember the song “Mahabharat, Mahabharat” belte ...  | Read.. 

Rivals trade fire
The Congress today asked Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vaj ...  | Read..