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Iraq spins out of America’s control
US-led troops battled Sunni and Shia rebels today as Iraq descended into bloody chaos not seen since Saddam Hussein’s fall a year ago. ...  | Read.. 
Urban guerrilla nightmare stares at US
US-led forces in Iraq risk being drawn into an urban guerrilla conflict they are ill-prepared to fight and which will probably cost many more lives, military experts say. ...  | Read.. 
Japanese hostage in pullout standoff
Militants seized a number of foreign nationals as hostages in Iraq today, threatening to burn alive one group of three Japanese unless their country withdrew its troops. ...  | Read.. 
Shia interior minister quits
Iraqi interior minister Nouri Badran resigned today, saying he had heard that the US-led administration was unhappy with his performance and wanted a different religious mix ...  | Read.. 
Ted Turner with his newly unveiled star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (Reuters)
Double or bust
Kipling tale
Clean crime
In lap of nature, identity cards not required to surf Net
“In California, we don’t ask for IDs to use public libraries”, the reception clerk at the Big S..  | Read.. 
Rice spits ‘silver-bullet’ fire
National security adviser Condoleezza Rice told the September 11 commission today that four US Pres..  | Read.. 
Dostum forces seize north city
Forces of a renegade adviser to President Hamid Karzai over ...  | Read.. 

Saudi Qaida leader calls for attacks on Americans
One of Saudi Arabia’s most wanted al Qaida militants has ca ...  | Read.. 

Swedish aid for asthmatics
A new Swedish invention for measuring respiratory passage i ...  | Read.. 

Brad Pitt to host radio show on UK singer
Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt is to present a music docume ...  | Read..