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Allies fight on all fronts as cleric stirs Iraq cauldron
Followers of radical cleric Moqtada al-Sadr fought pitched battles with foreign troops in Shia strongholds today and vowed to pursue an uprising that has claimed more than 130 lives in three days. ...  | Read.. 
Nepal strike
Nepalís Maoist rebels today freed 37 people kidnapped more than two weeks ago after the bloodiest ever battle between militants and government troops. ...  | Read.. 
New PM puts peace talks ball in Chandrika court
Sri Lankaís new Prime Minister was sworn into office today and said hardline President Chandrika Kumaratunga was now in charge of reviving peace talks with Tamil rebels. ...  | Read.. 
Iran ready for nuke check timetable
Iran pledged today to accelerate cooperation with the UN atomic watchdog in a bid to prove it is not seeking nuclear weapons, but also pressed to end UN inspections by June. ...  | Read.. 
Actor Renee Zellweger in Tokyo to promote her film Cold Mountain which will open across Japan from April 24. (AFP)
Reese shows Blonde can play ball, too
Actor Reese Witherspoon will star in and produce Sports Widow, a romantic comedy about a w..  | Read.. 
Pak arrests nine militants
Pakistani police have arrested nine suspected Islamic militants in connection with a suicide bombin..  | Read.. 
God & guidance for glossy bible
Is this a sign of the times or what' The British edition of ...  | Read.. 

China tightens HK grip
China, fearing growing calls for greater democracy in Hong ...  | Read.. 

Suharto party gains poll lead
The former party of ousted Indonesian strongman Suharto was ...  | Read..