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Match in pocket, team wins hearts
Sourav Ganguly set out to create history, yet destiny willed that Rahul Dravid be remembered as the first Indian captain to plot a Test win in Pakistan. It took 21 attempts and almost half a century, but the wait made this morning’s emotionally-driven innings and 52-run victory that much sweete ...  | Read.. 
Babri warriors have no time for school
This is one area that has escaped the attention of the Shahabuddins, Bukharis, Nadvis, Madnis, Illyasis and Jeelanis fighting for the cause of the Babri Masjid over a decade. ...  | Read.. 
Long-distance call bonanza
Fixed-line phone users, it is time to rejoice: long-distance call rates — domestic and international — have been slashed by up to 25 per cent. The new rates come into effect from April 10. ...  | Read.. 
Sachin Tendulkar at the awards ceremony after the first Test between India and Pakistan in Multan. (Reuters)
More than anybody else, it’s for them

dedicating win to fans
Rest easy, your vote is safe
Electronic voting machines will greatly reduce, if not eliminate, electoral malpractices, claimed o ...  | Read..
Karbi militants back out of surrender
Karbi militants who were willing to lay down arms until a couple of weeks ago changed their mind af ...  | Read..
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Modi mud splash revives decorum clash
L .K. Advani has refused to be dragged into the controversy over Narendr ...   | Read.. 
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Privatisation kickoff with two colleges
The Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee government has set in motion at the underg ...   | Read.. 
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American television behind Iraq curtain
The entire world yesterday saw grisly images of four Americans shot, b ...   | Read.. 
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Dravid: Special win for many reasons
Cool as ever, stand-in captain Rahul Dravid answered a volley of quest ...   | Read.. 
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Bengal proposes, then disposes
What India is doing today, Bengal had professed to do yesterday, but will p ...   | Read.. 
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Carnival of turncoats
The spectacle would be amusing if it were not so sickening. A great carniva ...   | Read.. 
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Economy score bowls markets over
Stocks roared off the block in 2004-05 with a 150-point surge in the sense ...   | Read.. 
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Pictures of prince & girlfriend end tabloid truce
Britain’s royal family has reacted with anger after a tabloid newspaper sp ...   | Read..