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Bradman lied to me: Ian Chappell
- THE TELEGRAPH EXCLUSIVE - Former Australian captain explains why he never revered Sir Don

Multan: Even when he is no more, Sir Don Bradman continues to be revered by Australia as also the cricket fraternity worldwide. Yet, Ian Chappell has been an exception, never one to sing paeans.

In fact, Chappell hardly reacted even when Sir Don passed away three years ago. On Wednesday morning, in an interaction with The Telegraph during a break in commentary, he explained why.

“Well, I had a few problems with Bradman and, if I don’t respect somebody, my nature is such I make that evident... With time, I’ve learnt not to deal with those people at all,” Chappell said, adding: “One problem was that Bradman lied to me, not once, but a couple of times... He gave the impression that something was happening when, actually, something else was taking place... That’s lying and it was very annoying.”

According to Chappell, the first lesson from his father (Martin) was “never to lie.” Clearly, the former Australian captain and an icon in his own right hasn’t ever forgotten that.

He continued: “The other problem was that Bradman seemed to treat the Board’s money as his own... I remember walking out of a meeting with him, when he was the supremo, having been made to feel I had placed my wallet on the table asking that it be filled... I did fight for certain benefits, but every cricketer would have gained not just Ian Chappell.”

Chappell doesn’t regret having been at loggerheads with Sir Don: “Bowing to him would have been easy, but I’m happy I stood up to him... I had the guts to do so. In any case, I’ve always had a problem bowing before people... That suggests some are superior... I don’t see life that way and, as a kid, it was instilled in me that all are equal.”

Of course, Chappell did point out “I definitely respected Bradman as a cricketer...” Nothing more, though.

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