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Public-school pop bests rock ’n’ roll rebels
Rock ’n’ roll once spawned a flood of working-class heroes who raged against The Establishment — but not any more....  | Read.. 
Toddlers’ TV dinners a recipe for disaster
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Teen tan link to skin cancer
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Pooh honeypot for Disney
A California judge on Monday threw out a lawsuit that could have cost Walt Disney Co. hundreds of millions of dollars from ...  | Read.. 
Berlin bins to sing ‘thank you’
Rubbish bins in Berlin will soon talk and sing to people who deposit their waste. ...  | Read.. 
For a breath of fresh air
If buying a fan meant walking into a store and asking for the first name that comes to your mind, we would say it isn’t so simple. When you go to buy a fan, you should questio...  | Read.. 
Check-out: Warn me of the danger
Let me come back to product labels, but on a different issue though. Safety precautions on labels can prevent accidents, injuries and even death and this is what I would like ...  | Read.. 
I had purchased 10 units of secured redeemable non-convertible debentures of Rs 1,000 each for three years from Rose Valley Real Estate & Construction Ltd. I have been...  | Read.. 
Director Sofia Coppola at a charity event in New York on Tuesday. (AFP)