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Bomb found buried on rail line near Paris
Franceís state-run SNCF railway found a bomb half-buried on the main line between Paris and the Swiss city of Basle today, just two weeks after the Madrid train bombings. ...  | Read.. 
Boy bomber foiled
Israeli troops today arrested a 14-year-old Palestinian would-be suicide bomber at a West Bank checkpoint after talking him into taking off his explosives vest at gunpoint, t ...  | Read.. 
Ranil confident of mandate
Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, facing a tough re-election fight, said today he expects a huge undecided vote to shift his way, giving him a mandate to restar ...  | Read.. 
Blair to help Libya come in from cold
Britainís Tony Blair will make an historic visit to Libya tomorrow, an important step towards bringing Libya in from the diplomatic cold. ...  | Read.. 
US actors Marlon Wayans (left) and Tom Hanks at a private screening of The Ladykillers in New York City. (AFP)
Hamas to target Sharon, but US not in firing line
Palestinian militant group Hamas said today it had the right to target Prime Minister Ariel Sharon ..  | Read.. 
Osama or no Osama, 9/11 wouldíve happened: US
Even if the US had killed or captured al Qaida leader Osama bin Laden before the September 11, 2001..  | Read.. 
Spain resists USí Iraq pressure
Spainís incoming Prime Minister resisted US and British pre ...  | Read.. 

New bid to halt Pak clashes
Pakistani tribal elders tried today to secure the release o ...  | Read.. 

Ireland fumes as smoking ban looms
Ireland is set to stamp out smoking in bars and restaurants ...  | Read.. 

US embassy scare in Gulf
Police in the United Arab Emirates today arrested a man the ...  | Read.. 

At the end of the day, worst cliche is the best
At the end of the day, there was basically no competition. ...  | Read..