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500 Maoists die in clash with Nepal army
Nepali troops killed 500 Maoist rebels in a 12-hour battle today, the army said, in what would be the bloodiest single clash since the revolt against the countryís constitutional monarchy began in 1996. ...  | Read.. 
Court seals Taiwan ballots
Taiwanís high court sealed election ballot boxes today as protesters massed to contest President Chen Shui-bianís victory after a mysterious assassination attempt and the dis ...  | Read.. 
ETA peace talks offer rejected
Basque separatist group ETA called for dialogue with Spainís incoming government but pledged to maintain its armed campaign for an independent homeland, according to a new co ...  | Read.. 
Former adviser blow to Bush
A former White House anti-terrorism adviser has accused President George W. Bush of ignoring terrorism threats before the September 11 attacks and of making America less safe ...  | Read.. 
Actors Alicia Silverstone (left) and Sarah Michelle Gellar at the premiere of their film Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed in Los Angeles. (Reuters)
Woman breaks architect ceiling
For the first time in its 25-year history, the coveted Pritzker Architecture Prize has been won by ..  | Read.. 
Malaysia secular triumph
Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawiís secular government won national elections today an..  | Read.. 
Baghdad strike
Anti-US guerrillas fired rockets into the middle of Baghdad ...  | Read.. 

Robonurse revolution looms
She can remind you to eat breakfast, guide you to the bathr ...  | Read.. 

Pak holds fire for talks on surrender
Pakistanís army declared a ceasefire today with suspected a ...  | Read.. 

Rich scion link to Madrid
A scion of a wealthy Casablanca family who has close ti ...  | Read.. 

Afghan minister killed in ambush
More than 100 people died in factional fighting in the west ...  | Read..