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Victor Socialists to bring troops home
Spain’s incoming leader Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero indicated today he would pull Madrid’s troops out of the “disastrous” occupation of Iraq in a major swing from his predecessor’s pro-American foreign policy. ...  | Read.. 
Militants see victory in Aznar’s defeat
Islamic militants will see the defeat of Spain’s Popular Party and the country’s planned withdrawal from Iraq as a victory for their cause, encouraging more attacks aimed at ...  | Read.. 
Shift in balance of power
The surprise election victory of Spain’s Opposition Socialists will alter the balance of power in Europe, robbing pro-US supporters of the Iraq war led by Britain of a key al ...  | Read.. 
Champ Putin returns Powell punch
Russian President Vladimir Putin swept to four more years in the Kremlin today after a runaway election triumph, but the party mood was soured by western criticism the poll h ...  | Read.. 
Prime Minister-elect Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero thanks supporters during a rally in Madrid. (AFP)
New ‘planet’ blip on Nasa radar
Nasa scientists believe they have discovered a new “planet” in the solar system, after sightings by the Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescopes...  | Read.. 
Name-drop heat piles on Kerry
Democratic White House candidate John Kerry was challenged over his comments that some foreign lead..  | Read.. 
Iran lifts freeze
Iran will allow the resumption of UN nuclear inspections, w ...  | Read..