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What’s gwan' You’ll never fix up a job
Terms like “fix up” and “what’s gwan” may be popular on the street, but they are costing thousands of youths in Britain the chance of a job because they cannot speak English properly, according to education and business leaders....  | Read.. 
Why the world can’t do without grannies
Scientists have discovered the point of grandmothers and why women, unlike females across the rest of the animal kingdom ...  | Read.. 
Borders no bar for stalker
A best-selling author and former model who moved hundreds of miles across Europe to escape a stalker was tracked down an ...  | Read.. 
Michael needs money only to donate
Pop singer George Michael’s career has made him so wealthy he wants to donate all the money raised from any of his future re ...  | Read.. 
Hidden Hitlers in the midst of us all
Villains, more than virtuous heroes, always attract performers because of the scope they provide for bravura displays of malevolence. Stars down the ages have coveted characte...  | Read.. 
Beauty of a shy bride
It was a heady love affair between the musician and the melody. Ustad Rashid Khan, most probably inspired by the romantic mood of the first half of the evening at Uttam Mancha...  | Read.. 
Theatre of human body
Eklavya (No 33) kneels, muscles taut, bent arms held out, shackled at the wrists, torso thrust slightly forward, describing in the simple yet loaded gesture a heroic vu...  | Read.. 
Collage of rhythms
Moods of Holi
Feminine gesture
Nelson Mandela with Charlize Theron, who won an Oscar for her performance in the film Monster, in Johannesburg on Thursday. (AFP)