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Troops patrol Quetta, panic kills 13
Troops enforced a curfew in the Pakistani city of Quetta today as minority Shias reacted angrily to a sectarian attack on a religious procession that killed 44 people. ...  | Read.. 
Malay PM calls snap polls
Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi called a snap election today that would pit his four-month-old government against a conservative Islamic opposition. ...  | Read.. 
Qaida denies role in attacks
A letter purporting to come from Osama bin Laden’s al Qaida network denied any role in yesterday’s anti-Shia explosions in Iraq and blamed the attacks that killed 185 people ...  | Read.. 
Harvard team defies Bush stem cell ban
Scientists at Harvard University announced today they had created 17 batches of stem cells from human embryos, in defiance of attempts by President George W. Bush to limit su ...  | Read.. 
A soldier (right) checks the documents of a motorcyclist during the curfew in Quetta. (AFP)
Iraqi Shias, Sunnis rally against civil war
Sunni and Shia leaders stood side by side in Baghdad today to urge Iraqis to avoid a civil war afte..  | Read.. 
A dash of colour on a catwalk by grey Israel wall
Fashion models sashayed beside the controversial barrier Israel is building inside the West Bank to..  | Read.. 
Plight of young girls in warzone
Tens of thousands of young girls are fighting on front line ...  | Read.. 

Nepal rebels kill 29 in telecom tower strike
Hundreds of Maoist rebels stormed a telecommunications towe ...  | Read.. 

China to take symbolic step to protect rights
After Chinese legislators pass a symbolic amendment at a pa ...  | Read.. 

Uneasy calm hangs in Haiti
Armed rebels patrolled the streets and foreign forces held ...  | Read..