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Bloodiest day since the fall of Saddam
Coordinated suicide bombs and mortars tore into vast crowds of Shia worshippers today, killing at least 143 people on Iraq’s bloodiest day since the fall of Saddam Hussein. ...  | Read.. 
Karbala fervour turns to grief
Karbala was in the grip of religious fervour, the city packed by two million Shia pilgrims marking their holiest day today when five explosions rent the sacred city asunder. ...  | Read.. 
Shias downplay civil war fears
Iraqi Shia Sajed Kazem knelt on the blood-splattered street near Baghdad’s holiest Shia mosque, patiently filling a cooking pot with human flesh. ...  | Read.. 
US forces settle down for Osama hunt
US forces are basing more troops in the south and east of Afghanistan and spending longer on patrol in rural areas to help gather intelligence about al Qaida and Taliban mili ...  | Read.. 
Actor and singer Harry Belafonte (left) gets a hug from director Jonathan Demme at a 50th anniversary screening of Carmen Jones in New York. Belafonte, who starred in the film, celebrates his 77th birthday on Tuesday. (Reuters)
Paul on toon trail
Boar bother
Bean brawn for gladiators
Roman gladiators were overweight vegetarians who lived on barley and beans, according to a scientif..  | Read.. 
Haiti rebels ask people to put pressure on America
Rebels sought to consolidate their position in Haiti today, urging people to demonstrate support fo..  | Read.. 
Britons queue up to be hired as Bond’s cousins
Britain’s announcement last week that it would recruit more ...  | Read.. 

‘People were running, crying’
(Reuters photographer Peter Andrews was on the scene when ...  | Read.. 

Indonesia tops graft chart, India second
Indonesia is seen as the most corrupt country in Asia for t ...  | Read.. 

US invite to HK leader angers China
China warned the US today against meddling in its affairs ...  | Read.. 

Lanka monks launch campaign
Red-robed monks launched their campaign today for Sri Lanka ...  | Read.. 

Arafat aide killed in Gaza
Gunmen shot dead a veteran Palestinian journalist and promi ...  | Read..