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Stalin’s crab army on rampage
Millions of giant Pacific crabs, whose ancestors were brought to Europe by Joseph Stalin in the 1930s, are marching south along Norway’s coast, devouring everything in their path....  | Read.. 
Tiger hero in fitness fightback
Hong Kong superstar Chow Yun-Fat has filed a defamation suit against a tabloid magazine for publishing a story that claimed ...  | Read.. 
‘Health has to be mental as well’
My priority in life is to stay healthy. And now since I’ve pitched in for acting, it’s become a very important part of my life. Fortunately or unfortunately, people like to wa...  | Read.. 
Diet Watch
Q: I am confused about advertisements claiming the health benefits of omega-6 and omega-3 fats in our diet. Are both of equal importance' Is there any special advantage of ...  | Read.. 
Get Fit with Pilates
We are still on the subject of injury prevention and its healing. The cause of concern to us here is a ‘bad neck’...  | Read.. 
Actress Charlize Theron and boyfriend Stuart Townsend at an awards function in Santa Monica, California, on Saturday. (Reuters)