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Gibsonís Passion opens to outrage & applause
While preview audiences are leaving theatres deeply moved by Mel Gibsonís controversial new film The Passion of the Christ, some critics are slamming it for graphic violence and others have labelled it anti-Semitic....  | Read.. 
Jolie to run with Athens Olympic fire
Oscar-winning American actress Angelina Jolie will trade her leather Lara Croft outfit for a tracksuit later this year after ...  | Read.. 
Aghdashloo who' Watch the Oscars
Who the heck is Shohreh Aghdashloo' What about Djimon Hounsou and Fernando Mereilles' This coming Sunday, Oscar watchers jus ...  | Read.. 
Ear piercing truth hurts
Ear cartilage is more prone to a nasty infection than the earlobe during jewellery piercing, and can cause a disfiguring col ...  | Read.. 
Expose costs Janet Lena
A planned ABC television movie about the life of singing great Lena Horne has become the latest casualty of Janet Jacksonís ...  | Read.. 
Eminem bites into Apple
Rap superstar Eminem, who says he could earn more than $10 million for endorsing a product, is suing Apple Computer Inc. on ...  | Read.. 
Thatís a fake
The year: 1973. The place: Marcus Square near Central Avenue. Swapan Bose, a young athletic youth, still undecided about his future, is about to cross the lonely road when a h...  | Read.. 
Check-out: When the key is not delivered
In the case of Lucknow Development Authority vs M.K. Gupta, the Supreme Court made it clear that ďany defect in construction activity would be denial of comfort ...  | Read.. 
I am a senior citizen. On January 24, 2003, I applied for renewal of my passport. After two weeks, I visited the passport website to check the status of my file (B000853). ...  | Read.. 
Actor Carmen Electra at a fashion show in Hollywood. (Reuters)