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Tehran sings, sends nuclear boss to Delhi
Hours after Tehran admitted today that it bought nuclear components from the black market, it emerged that the head of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council is arriving in Delhi on Wednesday. ...  | Read.. 
Khan’s Lanka link a free man
Malaysian police inspector-general Mohamed Bakri Omar said the Sri Lankan businessman who helped Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan build a secret international network fo ...  | Read.. 
Pak frees militant leaders
Pakistan’s security agencies have released three top leaders of banned militant outfits after interrogating them in connection with the recent suicide bomb attacks on Preside ...  | Read.. 
Blood stains Iran hawk run
Eight people died in clashes with police in two towns in southern Iran over disputed results for a parliamentary election in which Islamic conservatives secured a big victory ...  | Read.. 
Omar Sharif with the best actor award at the 29th Nuit des Cesars, the French equivalent of the Oscars, in Paris. (AFP)
Price of porn
Chained up
Zen chant in samurai sword swish
With Tom Cruise acting the warrior in The Last Samurai, and Uma Thurman set to slice her way..  | Read.. 
James Bond is still the best
James Bond has been named the world’s most popular film hero ahead of modern rivals such as Bat..  | Read.. 
Letter piles reform heat on Saudi prince
Nearly 900 supporters of reform in Saudi Arabia have appeal ...  | Read.. 

Jerusalem bus bomber kills 8
A Palestinian suicide bomber killed eight people on a crowd ...  | Read.. 

New chapter in Kipling book
The “missing chapter” of Rudyard Kipling’s celebrated b ...  | Read.. 

Pak build-up for al Qaida offensive
Pakistan is gearing up for a drive against al Qaida and Tal ...  | Read.. 

Bin Laden
Osama bin Laden has been tracked down and the SAS, Britain’ ...  | Read..