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Red Cross officials pay Saddam a visit
The International Committee of the Red Cross visited former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein today for the first time since he was captured by US forces in Iraq in December, an ICRC spokeswoman said. ...  | Read.. 
China plans to send more astronauts into space
China, which last year became the third nation to blast a man into space, plans to send two astronauts up on a five-to-seven-day mission in 2005 and later build a space stati ...  | Read.. 
Bushís passion for Christ
US President George W. Bush, a devout Christian, wants to see Mel Gibsonís controversial movie about the death of Jesus Christ, The Passion of the Christ. ...  | Read.. 
US says elections unfair
Risking a nationalist backlash, the US criticised Iranís parliamentary elections today as unfair because hardliners had banned many reformist candidates. ...  | Read.. 
Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bunchen dances with members of a samba school in Rio de Janeiro on the eve of the carnival. (AFP)
Travolta, Sarandon to present Oscars
Hollywood icons John Travolta, Tim Robbins, his partner Susan Sarandon and Sandra Bullock have join..  | Read.. 
Iran hawks on course for victory
Islamic conservatives hostile to President Mohammad Khatami's liberal reforms swept towards a ..  | Read.. 
Comedy show date makes Norah uneasy
Norah Jones has done countless interviews with relative eas ...  | Read.. 

Israel relents on barrier
Israel will begin tearing down part of a barrier being buil ...  | Read.. 

Arnie urges end to gay marriages
Hours after a second Superior Court judge refused to stop s ...  | Read.. 

Pervez hands over missile
President Pervez Musharraf today handed over the indige ...  | Read.. 

Afghan women flock to learn beauty secrets
Fashion in Afghanistan usually involves little more tha ...  | Read..