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Scientists fire hush-up salvo at Bush regime
Top scientists and environmentalists today accused the Bush administration of suppressing and distorting scientific findings that run counter to its own policies. ...  | Read.. 
Sneaking a knife into jet will be costly
Anyone trying to sneak a knife onto an US airliner could be fined $250 and a passenger with an explosive could get as much as $10,000 under new guidelines. ...  | Read.. 
UK mulls fat tax on junk food
A Downing Street-based policy unit has proposed a plan to place a “fat tax” on junk food in an attempt to tackle the rising incidence of heart disease. ...  | Read.. 
US coach threat to raped player
The head football coach at the University of Colorado has been placed on paid leave about two hours after a police report said he warned a woman that he would back one of his ...  | Read.. 
President George W. Bush after addressing troops at Fort Polk, Louisiana. (AP)
Connery to rally for Taiwan
Sir Sean Connery may join a huge Taiwanese rally in protest over China’s missile threat, the organi..  | Read.. 
Arrest over body in suitcase
Police investigating the murder of a woman whose body was found in a suitcase on the bank of the Th..  | Read.. 
Lanka faces hung House, says poll
Sri Lanka’s general elections on April 2 are likely to prod ...  | Read.. 

Crackdown on reformists
A hardline crackdown on Iran’s reform movement widened toda ...  | Read.. 

Tehran contests nuclear reports
Iran, accused by the US of trying to build an atomic bomb, ...  | Read..