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Cane fear keeps kid home
Ishani Bhattacharya just refuses to go to school. It’s not because of the burden of books or exam phobia. It’s the fear of the cane that has kept her home all week. And don’t try convincing this six-year-old that less than a fortnight ago, Calcutta H...  | Read.. 
Marks mess costs 18 years
B.Com ‘fail’ in 1986; changed to ‘pass’ in 1995. Moved court against the injustice in 1995; first hearing in 2004....  | Read.. 
Justice and pay elude teacher
Primary schoolteacher Pranab Sengupta, on a salary of Rs 21.75 per month since March 1973, is yet to get his rightful pay....  | Read.. 
Doctor-driven clinic for the middle class
Fed up with management-led hospitals, a group of doctors has started a medical centre off the EM Bypass. Genesis Hospital has...  | Read.. 
Cartier youth classics come easy
Say “Cartier” and you think maharajas, treasure chests, the Duchess of Windsor, panthers slinking around in a blaze of diamon ...  | Read.. 
Six-year-old Ishani Bhattacharya lies in bed at her Behala home on Thursday, refusing to go to school after being caned by her teacher. Picture by Amit Datta
Hello, it's Friday, February 20, 2004
Roads to avoid
Film fare
Asatire pertaining to the modern political milieu ...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
Cindy CrawfordYou are idealistic; a little more pragmatism will help you ward off unwanted ...Read.. 
Guest Column
A gutsy actress brimming with conviction and a keen novelist probing middle-class moori...  | Read.. 
Campus chaos sparks tech varsity tone-up
Confronted by a never-before situation — the resignation, en masse, ...  | Read.. 

Bypass water park in joint venture
The government has decided to build a water park in the city in a joint ven...  | Read.. 

Borderline demand and dues discipline
A lambasting of the central government on the implementation of conditional...  | Read.. 

Between the covers
What book are you reading at the moment'...  | Read.. 
Social Register: Ice age
In the past, they’ve roped in such beauties as Yana Gupta and Aditi Govitri...  | Read.. 
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Scanned photos in HS admit cards
Motorcyclist hits kerb, dies
Bail rejected
Transfer order
Ban lifted
Drug haul
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Not a cop in sight to shoo thugs away
Shoddy show