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Khan keeps Pervez bombshell as insurance
The Pakistani scientist behind a worldwide blackmarket in nuclear technology is involved in high-stakes brinksmanship, refusing to hand over potentially incriminating documents demanded by the Pakistani authorities. ...  | Read.. 
Flu toll rises to 20, leopard falls prey
A teenage boy died of bird flu in Thailand, taking Asia’s toll to at least 20 today, ahead of emergency regional talks on ways to battle the rampaging virus. ...  | Read.. 
Japan imports
Japan will resume imports of heat-treated processed poultry from China and Thailand after experts confirm the bird-flu affected countries met Japanese sanitary standards, a m ...  | Read.. 
Russia park crash kills 25
Cries under the debris today spurred on rescuers at a Moscow water park where a snow-laden glass dome caved in, killing at least 25 people and injuring more than 100 in a hai ...  | Read.. 
A relative of one of the water park roof collapse victims outside the morgue in Moscow on Sunday. (AFP)
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SMS split
Test case
Gay gaiety
Women win war for screen space
Charlize Theron is in most scenes and kills seven men, Cate Blanchett is a sharp-shooting 19th cent..  | Read.. 
Amid deaths, Iraq success
Iraqi police today arrested the number 41 on a US “most wanted” list of 55 former officials of Sadd..  | Read.. 
90 dead in China blazes
Twin fires killed more than 90 people in two Chinese cities ...  | Read.. 

Lanka talks threat
A Marxist party that is a key partner of Sri Lankan Preside ...  | Read.. 

New JFK’s scandal pot boils again
Alex Polier, the 24-year-old journalist who could end S ...  | Read..