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India relieved as Annan meets Bush
When UN secretary-general Kofi Annan strode into the White House Oval Office yesterday for a meeting with President George W. Bush, there was a collective sigh of relief at Indiaís permanent mission to the UN in New York. ...  | Read.. 
Blair runs into public backlash
Britainís Tony Blair dismissed a fresh assault on the case he made for attacking Iraq but the Prime Minister was hounded by members of the public today as he failed to quell ...  | Read.. 
Iran close to resolving poll row
Iranís pro-reform government said today it was close to resolving a bitter row with hardliners over parliamentary elections that has plunged the Islamic Republic into its wor ...  | Read.. 
Flu worsens in China
The death toll from Asiaís bird flu outbreak rose to 15 today as the virus ravaged poultry flocks in 10 countries and, most worrying, spread in China. ...  | Read.. 
Jack Nicholson
Khan apologises, seeks Musharraf pardon
Pakistanís top scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan made a dramatic personal apology today for leaking n..  | Read.. 
Key to many questions
He may be one of the few people on earth who knows whether North Korean leader Kim Jong-il can inci..  | Read.. 
Maria Shriver
Two months after husband Arnold Schwarzenegger was sworn in ...  | Read.. 

Kerry dash with a hiccup
Democratic front-runner John Kerry savoured a string of vic ...  | Read.. 

Lonely Jack yearns for a partner
Jack Nicholson says periods of loneliness and yearning for ...  | Read..