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Flu in China as WHO cries war on virus
The bird flu rampaging through Asia made the dreaded leap into China today and a second Thai boy died of the disease as countries tightened defences against a potential Sars-like epidemic. ...  | Read.. 
Pak loan
The US has approved $395 million in aid to Pakistan, almost half of which will be used to write off debt to Washington, a government minister said today. ...  | Read.. 
Blair rides into twin storms
Tony Blair rode into the worst storm of a commanding premiership today when he risked defeat by his party in parliament and castigation by a judge over the suicide of Britain ...  | Read.. 
KFC takes the C out, replaces it with fish
The bird flu rampaging across Asia, killing chickens and humans alike, is starting to take the C out of KFC. ...  | Read.. 
A chicken at a farm near Karachi. (Reuters)
Rings rules Oscar nominees roost
A pack of newcomers rose to the rank of Oscar nominee today as epic The Lord of the Rings: The R..  | Read.. 
Castro meets Redford, discusses Che film
Cuban President Fidel Castro, who has charmed some of Hollywood’s biggest names, paid a call on act..  | Read.. 
Pak divided on cull of chickens
Millions of chickens should be killed in Pakistan as a prec ...  | Read..