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Siblings keep suspense alive

Amethi, Jan. 20 (PTI): Priyanka and Rahul Gandhi today hit the dusty roads of their mother Sonia Gandhi’s constituency Amethi, setting Congress hearts swelling again with the hope that the siblings would resuscitate the century-old party.

But the cloud they kicked up was left hanging on the question whether they will join active politics.

On their first joint visit to the Gandhi pocket borough, the two picked on the Vajpayee government’s “feel-good” plank. “You shall find out in two months if the ‘feel-good’ is really good or not,” Rahul told reporters.

“I really don’t think there is any feel good factor,” Priyanka agreed. It was her personal view, she added quickly.

Faced with the regulation question whether they would take the political plunge, Rahul said: “I am not averse to politics, but that does not mean I am going to join politics.”

One could not “really be pressurised” on the issue, he said. “Both my sister and I do think about it and we discuss it as well but we have not made any decision about it,” Rahul added.

“Why should we go by anyone else’s definition' We have to go by what is inside us, what motivates us,” Priyanka joined in. Their visit comes close on the heels of Sonia’s tour of western Uttar Pradesh.

Sonia strikes out

Sonia, who is in Jammu, lashed out at the NDA government, accusing it of following anti- people policies and inconsistency in its stand on Pakistan, reports our correspondent.

“The BJP-led NDA government at the Centre is only misleading the people by building its image in the newspapers with advertisements at huge expenses to hide the truth of the multiplied miseries of the people,” she told a well-attended rally.

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