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Assassin strikes at America’s Iraq gate
A suicide bomber detonated half a tonne of explosives outside the US seat of power in Iraq today, killing at least 20 people in the deadliest attack since the capture of Saddam Hussein. ...  | Read.. 
Hijack tag on Pervez
Charging Pervez Musharraf with “hijacking” a plane carrying Opposition leaders to prevent them from attending the joint session of parliament, a top Pakistani Opposition lead ...  | Read.. 
Pak nuke net cast wider
Authorities have detained a key aide to Abdul Qadeer Khan, the father of Pakistan’s atom bomb, for questioning as they investigate reports of the possible transfer of nuclear ...  | Read.. 
Moderate speaks up on French ban
The official spokesman for France’s Muslims urged the community’s “silent majority” today to oppose fundamentalism as militants planned to step up pressure against a looming ...  | Read.. 
Bono, lead singer of the rock group U2, speaks about Martin Luther King Jr in Atlanta . (Reuters)
End for Hubble
Singer show
Israel Snow White & dwarf show
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon praised Israel’s ambassador to Sweden today for wrecking a Stockholm ar..  | Read.. 
UK media baron out, Barclays step in
Billionaire tycoons David and Frederick Barclay said today they agreed to buy media mogul Conrad Bl..  | Read.. 
Crusade against Scott’s Kingdom
Ridley Scott, the Oscar-nominated director, was savaged by s ...  | Read.. 

Wounded and deafened in hospital
The wounded were brought to Baghdad’s Yarmouk Hospital toda ...  | Read.. 

French fury on US air checks
In the latest bout of Franco-American squabbling, hundreds ...  | Read..