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US opens bidding for contracts worth $5 bn
The US opened up bidding today for $5 billion in new contracts to rebuild Iraq, the first in a string of lucrative deals funded by $18.6 billion appropriated by the US Congress but barred to those nations who opposed the Iraq war. ...  | Read.. 
Sars suspect denies eating civet cat
The Chinese TV producer who contracted Sars had never eaten civet cat, state media reported today, as thousands of the animals were culled on fears they may carry a form of t ...  | Read.. 
Arnie’s salesmanship skills face budget test
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger described himself yesterday as “a salesman by nature.” ...  | Read.. 
US seeks air scare Afghan
France said today the US had asked it to track down an Afghan suspect behind an aviation scare that has forced a spate of cancellations and delays to US-bound flights. ...  | Read.. 
Beyonce Knowles performs during a concert in San Diego. Knowles will sing the national anthem before the climax of the American Football season at the Super Bowl in Houston, Texas. (AP)
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Super snake
Rio appeals against travel checks
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s top travel destination, yesterday appealed a court order requiring US tour..  | Read.. 
Allies dismiss Di murder theory
Six years after her death, Princess Diana still haunts Britain’s royal family from the grave — but ..  | Read.. 
Web slur on Bush
America received a foretaste yesterday of what is widel ...  | Read.. 

Gaddafi whets Israel appetite
An Israeli lawmaker who met the son of Muammar Gaddafi last ...  | Read.. 

Unity pangs pull giants closer
When Iran and Egypt restore relations — a seemingly imminen ...  | Read.. 

Cancer risk for women who smoke
Women who smoke may have a far higher risk of breast cancer ...  | Read.. 

Blair grilled
Prime Minister Tony Blair was grilled today over a late sub ...  | Read..