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Becks taps Indian’s love-boat diplomacy

London, Jan. 4: David Beckham has followed the romantic example of wealthy Indian businessman H.S. Narula — who gifted his wife, Surina, a yacht — and bought his wife, Victoria, a £1-million vessel as well.

Surina’s boat is called the Surina and is moored in Cannes. The high-profile Indian couple use it as a weekend retreat and as a place to entertain friends during the film festival in May.

While Narula is assured of his wife’s love and loyalty — they celebrated 25 years of marriage earlier this year — the England footballer has got the yacht for his wife, Posh, as a way of buying her love.

At least, this is the theory propounded by the New of the World, which has headlined its main page one story: “Becks’ £1-million Love Boat: Desperate David buys yacht to please Posh.”

Beckham has become exasperated with saying he and his wife love each other very much and that there is no problem whatsoever with their marriage. But the fact he has to spend weeks away from Victoria while playing for the Spanish club, Real Madrid, has given the New of the World the opportunity to publish speculative reports about what many working class British people consider Britain’s de facto royal couple.

“Lonely David Beckham has bought Victoria a £1-million yacht for Christmas in a bid to keep her by his side,” the paper says.

Since his switch from Manchester United, the footballing superstar’s “marriage to Posh has started to run aground”, it claims. A helpful friend told the paper: “David desperately wants to keep Victoria close.”

The chances are there is no such friend but the latter is quoted as saying: “He sees the boat as a way they can be together away from the pressures.”

Beckham’s Christmas and other presents for Victoria have cost him a total of £3 million. Apart from the 50-foot yacht, he has also bought her a car, thought to be a £140,000 Bentley, given in the name of their children, Brooklyn and Romeo. He recently gave her a £1.5 million diamond ring and another worth £300,000, which she showed off when the couple went to Buckingham Palace for the investiture ceremony at which Beckham collected his OBE from the Queen.

It was said at the time she wore more jewellery than Her Majesty.

Beckham’s generous gifts have been explained by another “source close to the Beckhams”, who told the News of the World: “Their marriage has been through the mill and David is desperate to keep his family together. Buying Victoria the boat means they can get right away and relax.... He’s been looking at getting one for ages and finally decided a few weeks ago.”

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