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Is there life on Mars' Silence from Beagle
A groundbreaking British mission to answer the question “Is there life on Mars'” suffered a major setback today when a tiny space probe failed to broadcast an audible signal to confirm it had landed on the red planet....  | Read.. 
Costner says it with rose petals and lit candles
When Kevin Costner proposed to his fianceé, Christine Baumgartner, it wasn’t a big production, but it was a romantic one. ...  | Read.. 
Emphasis on acrobatics
Indian epics have been a rich source of inspiration for theatre and dance traditions of the country. Ram — the archetypal god-king and epic hero has often taken centre-stage —...  | Read.. 
Space, not time, rules creative space
Paris-based painter Anju Chaudhury tarvels a lot but comes to Kolkata almost each year to share her creative exultations with people whom she knows the best. Her current expos...  | Read.. 
Disappointing dramas
Disappointment marked the first week of Nandikar’s 20th National Theatre Festival, though we must give Nandikar a standing ovation for reaching this milestone. The two best pr...  | Read.. 
Arclights unnecessary
Designs from science
Sincere devotionals
An artist’s impression shows Beagle 2 landing on Mars with a shield protecting it from the heat generated by friction with the Martian atmosphere. (Reuters)