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Interest rates get a nudge up
After a long period of dropping interest rates, there is just a faint hint of a reversal. ...  | Read.. 
Pervez sounds PoK group on alternative
General Pervez Musharraf today met several Kashmiri leaders to allay their fears of a compromise on the status of the region. ...  | Read.. 
Chair chase for Uma
She has won the throne, but canít find a chair. ...  | Read.. 
Pervez jammer for Atalís BMW
Pak makes exception, allows India to send security convoy
Atal Bihari Vajpayeeís peace bus will not burn rubber on Pakistani asphalt this time, his bullet-proof BMW will. ...  | Read.. 
A US captain points at a Christmas card made by soldiers featuring Saddam Hussein, heavily bearded and dolled up in Santa Claus hat and whiskers. Thi ...  | Read
Whatever Bhutan wants us to do, we shall do when the time comes

Advani rain check to Bhutan
Deputy Prime Minister L.K. Advani today described Bhutanís military offensive to flush out Nort ...  | Read..
Soni out of sight, leaves face-saving to cronies
The Ambika Soni-led clique in the AICC has gone on the defensive after last nightís abortive ma ...  | Read..
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Fog shoves north India behind doors
Bonfires and blankets were in demand today as a thick sheet of fog sm ...   | Read.. 
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CMís rally ranks molested
Hours after the chief minister asked people to rise in protest against ...   | Read.. 
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Secrets bonanza in Libya
After decades of fuelling underground militancy around the globe and buyin ...   | Read.. 
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Wet welcome for Indians in Melbourne
With this being the festive season, Victoriaís capital hasnít looked b ...   | Read.. 
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Calcutta at the crossroads: cops round the corner to collar and caution jaywalkers
Day I of the jaywalk spot-fine jamboree at five critical crossroads stoppe ...   | Read.. 
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Reviving civil society
After the recent state-level elections, political parties have apparently r ...   | Read.. 
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The great retail reunion
The retail investor is stampeding back into the stock markets once again ó ...   | Read.. 
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Queen, Kylie top hotlist
It must be hard being Tony Blair. There you are, at the end of a year in wh ...   | Read..