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‘We had taken the worst possible scenario into consideration, but things improved significantly later in the day’
Indian Airlines spokesperson

Calcutta at the crossroads: cops round the corner to collar and caution jaywalkers
Day I of the jaywalk spot-fine jamboree at five critical crossroads stopped Calcuttans of every hue in their tracks. Most meekly paid up the token fine on Monday, embarrassed to find themselves in the spotlight for stepping out of line. From BBD Bag...  | Read.. 
Seven years on, no sign of college hall
This is probably one of the few projects stalled in the state — not for the want of cash. An allocation of Rs 4 lakh by thre...  | Read.. 
Wipro gets Buddha nod for four acres
The West Bengal government on Monday formally agreed to provide more land to software major Wipro in Salt Lake Electronics Co...  | Read.. 
Five-year road tax challenged
The Automobile Association of Eastern India (AAEI) moved a petition in Calcutta High Court on Monday, challenging the state g...  | Read.. 
Pointless, pricey police protocol
Rs 30 lakh a year to sustain Lalbazar click-and-salute exit show

It used to be a protocol. Now, a hundred years later, it has become a problem that everyone wants to get rid of but no one kn ...  | Read.. 
Calcutta at the crossroads: cops round the corner to collar and caution jaywalkers
Hello, it's Tuesday, December 23, 2003
Road to avoid
Annya Aami
Chitrangada, who emerges from the pages of Maha...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
Eddie Veder, singer.Research and study will keep you occupied most of the time. Too much talk may ...Read.. 
Young Metro
Annual call for creative fun...  | Read.. 
Fog foils flight, delays train
Chand Kachroo, a Delhi-based businessman, had a vital meeting with Wipro of...  | Read.. 

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