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Pak peddles plebiscite alternative
The Pakistan government today began a delicate as well as tortuous exercise to sell to a restive domestic audience and rebellious militant groups a Kashmir policy that need not be tied to a plebiscite. ...  | Read.. 
Janata jinx: Single merger, double split
One “grand” merger and two splits: that sums up the saga of yet another upheaval in the crisis-prone Janata parivar. ...  | Read.. 
Dream Girl first in House of chivalry
Looks like even the revered House of elders does not mind bending rules to accommodate a pretty woman! ...  | Read.. 
Common currency, not Kashmir
Bond of business stronger than break over territory
Pakistanis appear to desire a wide-ranging relationship with India and do not want the normalisation of ties to become hostage to the Kashmir issue. It is not as if they t ...  | Read.. 
Shahnaz, who was swept into Jammu and Kashmir after she tried to commit suicide by plunging into the Jhelum eight years ago, and her daughter Mobin a ...  | Read
As you can see, it didn’t succeed

disclosing an assassination attempt on him
Japan push to rail under river
The under-river ride could be coming to your city. ...  | Read..
Camps lost, rebels pick up bandh weapon
As reports came in of all 30 insurgent camps being dismantled by the Royal Bhutan Army, the thr ...  | Read..
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Scam shock for besieged Bhujbal
Abdul Karim Telgi’s lawyer today sprang a surprise on Chhagan Bhujbal by p ...   | Read.. 
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10 years in jail for tease trio
Five years ago, Nargis Yashmin was a girl of 18 who had cleared her IC ...   | Read.. 
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Revealed: Ambush on Baghdad big gun
Iraq’s US administrator said today he escaped an ambush on his convoy earl ...   | Read.. 
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Harbhajan may be out for 5 months
Off-spinner Harbhajan Singh, who underwent surgery on his right index ...   | Read.. 
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Bad blood earns court rap
Beware of bad blood or be prepared to have blood on your hands, is the chil ...   | Read.. 
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Wrong way to peace
If Jesus Christ was betrayed for 30 pieces of silver, it is no surprise tha ...   | Read.. 
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Santa comes to markets early
Santa Claus arrived early this year on markets, where stocks vaulted to a ...   | Read.. 
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To Mars, with hope in heart and pop tune on lips
A British spacecraft the size of an open umbrella began the final leg of i ...   | Read..