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Saddam buzz in Jordan: Drugs & betrayal got him
Saddam Hussein was betrayed by a relative who was his personal bodyguard and who led US troops to the ousted Iraqi leaderís hideout after drugging him, a Jordanian newspaper reported today, quoting a source close to the US-led coalition in Iraq. ...  | Read.. 
Pulped fiction lines reality road
A new toll road in Britain has been built on two-and-a-half million copies of old Mills and Boon novels to prevent it from cracking. ...  | Read.. 
Spat over Iran sticker
An Iranian man faces a possible lengthy prison term or even the death penalty for attaching a sticker to the rear window of his car proclaiming: ďThe era of arrogant rulers i ...  | Read.. 
Internet sting to nab paedophiles
Police from Britain, North America and Australia launched a crackdown on Internet paedophiles today with a sting using fake, child-porn websites. ...  | Read.. 
He may have beaten Saddam Hussein, but President George W. Bush got clobbered by socialite Paris Hilton (in picture) when her TV show got higher ratin ...  | Read
Low-budget boost for Baldwin
Chalk it up to the vagaries of Hollywood...  | Read.. 
Popular Putin to run again
Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russiaís most popular leader in years, said today he would run fo..  | Read.. 
Pope moved by Gibsonís Christ
Pope John Paul has seen Mel Gibsonís controversial film ...  | Read.. 

Nepal amnesty for rebels
Nepal, struggling to end an increasingly bloody Maoist insu ...  | Read.. 

Iraq whets USí Osama appetite
Americaís top general said today al Qaida leader Osama bin ...  | Read..