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Debosmita Majumder

Debosmita Majumder

Name of the game…

Was tennis and tournaments were the order of the day, from Allahabad to Aurangabad and Chandigarh to Chennai, before she turned a teenager. Starting off at age seven, Debosmita made it to the state levels at 10, winning her first title by 12.

Feathers in her cap…

Range from the under-14 to the under-16 title, as well as the under-18 hard court and ladies tournaments in Calcutta. The McEnroe fan emerged as the eastern zonal champ in Bhubaneswar and Patna, besides her homeground. The ex-Gokhale Memorial student also participated in the national circuit, and the ITF matches.

Courting skills…

Took Debosmita to Chennai, where she was one of only two girls chosen nationwide to train at a tennis academy when she was 14. But the sports freak, who can also play baseball, basketball, badminton, table tennis, pool and bowling, had to give up her game a few years ago, due to a spinal injury, as well as a tennis elbow and torn ligaments in her knee.


Is her attitude, as the 23-year-old struggled to get back into shape. The Jadavpur University student is now back on the sporting circuit, taking part in local competitions. She is currently fighting court battles in a club tournament. Next month, she’s off to Bangalore, on behalf of JU, for an inter-university meet.

A need to study…

Prompted ‘Tai’ to take up a degree in college. Now in her final year of her masters in English, she’s all set to pursue sports psychology, since, she feels, mind over body is often the secret of on-court success. Debosmita’s other talents include make-up, as she helps out backstage in theatre productions.

In the spotlight…

She was too, on stage, doing a spoof on Laloo Prasad Yadav in a Shakespeare Society play, to mincing words for JU English department’s annual production. But doing the dressing up is her favourite occupation, be it Theatrecian’s enactment of Girish Karnad’s Ai Vatan, or the upcoming departmental extravaganza, Shakuntala.

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