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Freedom to visit for a fee

It is very difficult for common people to gain entry to Raj Bhavan to visit the premises. The colossal white building with its arched portals and invaluable collection of art fascinates people who are curious to know more about this historical place. A walk around the manicured green lawns and the water bodies is something many will cherish. The government should consider the feasibility of allowing visitors on the premises at least once a week for a fee.

Rabindranath Kar, Sankar Ghosh Lane.

Piped disease

Pipes of varying diameters made of cast iron, galvanised tin and cement, are used for supplying water across the city. More than 60 per cent of these are corroded from inside and unfit for supplying drinking water. For instance, a pipe off BT Road is more than 50 years old and needs to be replaced. For the sake of public health, the civic authorities must immediately replace broken, rusty and worn out pipes.

Bhupen Bose, Dum Dum.

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