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Ring Jackson romps home
About 100,000 ecstatic fans welcomed The Lord of the Rings film director Peter Jackson as their returning king to New Zealand’s capital today for the world premiere of the climax of the award-winning trilogy....  | Read.. 
Mama Dino’s doting marks
The first evidence of a dinosaur mothering her newly hatched young has been discovered on the Isle of Skye. ...  | Read.. 
Bugs in Michael police station
Recording bugs have been discovered around the police station where officers are investigating the Michael Jackson case, ...  | Read.. 
Jarring ‘phon’ jangle heard after 50 years
Evidence of a 50-year-old cover-up to curb public debate over whether a German science teacher invented the first telephone r ...  | Read.. 
Go to the gym, but not everyday
Working out at the gym everyday could lead to a physical addiction to exercise, according to a study. ...  | Read.. 
Full stop to apostrophe catastrophe
A book about the serial abuse of apostrophes and commas, which readers of The Daily Telegraph helped to write, ha ...  | Read.. 
Liv Tyler arrives for the world premiere of Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King in Wellington. (Reuters)