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Foreign blood stains US troop blueprint
Gunmen ambushed and murdered two Japanese diplomats and their Iraqi driver in northern Iraq, piling new pressure on the Tokyo government as it weighs a decision on sending troops to help rebuild that country. ...  | Read.. 
Bodybag blow to four nations
A dozen people from four nations helping the US military were killed on a bloody weekend in Iraq that sparked new debate among Washington’s allies about the benefits of getti ...  | Read.. 
Bounty on British policeman in Iraq
A price has been put on the head of the senior British policeman seconded to supervise the restoration of law and order in Iraq by loyalists of Saddam Hussein. ...  | Read.. 
Bangla arms haul
Three policemen and a terrorist were injured in a shootout as police recovered a huge quantity of highly sophisticated arms and explosives from an area adjacent to high-secur ...  | Read.. 
A member of Iran’s hardline Basij militia at a gathering outside the former US embassy in Tehran on Sunday to mark the national Basij week. (AFP)
Dress for diplomats
Weird walk
Exercise makes babies sharper
British parents will be told to give their babies a daily 10-minute exercise routine to help improv..  | Read.. 
Fashion editors lose Santa Armani to charity
Giorgio Armani has decided not to give his traditional Christmas gifts to the world’s fashion edito..  | Read.. 
Mussolini strikes out
Alessandra Mussolini said today she would form her own poli ...  | Read.. 

UK silence on embassy bugging irks Pak
Pakistan has warned the UK that its continued silence over ...  | Read.. 

Reel and real in Manila
His life in politics had read like the script of a silver-s ...  | Read.. 

Istanbul mastermind rises from debris
Turkish intelligence officials believe that the masterm ...  | Read..