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Laptop lolly

Portability is the name of the game. When Acer slashed the price of its laptop computer below Rs 50,000, it triggered a price war in a key segment of the IT hardware industry. Acer has forced market leader H-P to slash prices below the crucial psychological price point as well. Compare that with a price point of around Rs 1 lakh just 18 months ago, and you have some idea of how rapid the fall has been. The buzz is that over the next few months, laptop prices could fall sharply by another Rs 5000-10,000. The mavens forecast that the notebook market will grow by 50-60 per cent annually.

Zen gain

Surrender to the old Zen. The new one’s on its way to showrooms, but till it has reached the old ones are going at a hefty discount. Depending on how you pay — with a loan or your own funds — you could get a discount of Rs 22,000 to Rs 35,000, or a wee bit more if you are good at bargaining. Paying with a loan is going to get you a better discount. And if you still choose to wait for the new one, remember Maruti is raising prices in January.

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