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Beware of coups, leader tells Georgians
The Georgian with the best chance of succeeding toppled President Eduard Shevardnadze urged his countrymen yesterday to guard against a military coup. ...  | Read.. 
Bengali roots traced to Turkey
Bengali, Baluchi, Brazilian English, Greek, Icelandic, Russian, and 80 other languages spoken today may all owe their origin to a common tongue used 8,000 years ago on a ...  | Read.. 
Prabhakaran roars and purrs
The reclusive head of Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tigers blasted the island’s political leaders today for endangering to efforts to end 20 years of civil war, but added the rebels were ...  | Read.. 
Yukos searches
Russian prosecutors said today they carried out new searches and seized papers at Yukos, keeping up relentless pressure on the oil company whose former chief executive is in ...  | Read.. 
David Beckham kisses his wife, Victoria, after receiving the OBE from the Queen at Buckingham Palace. (AFP)
Brazilian flip-flops
Spears zone
Petite drive
Beckham bows, Benjamin balks
Queen Elizabeth today presented David Beckham with one of her highest awards, the OBE...  | Read.. 
Hefty cellphone bills status symbol for most teenagers
The pervasive grip of the mobile phone on Britain’s youth is disclosed today in research that s..  | Read.. 
Doubts over credibility of Jackson accuser
The credibility of the boy who accused Michael Jackson ...  | Read.. 

Stephen King down with pneumonia
Best-selling author Stephen King was expected to remain in ...  | Read.. 

‘West betrayed me’
Eduard Shevardnadze, the deposed Georgian President and an ...  | Read.. 

Asian link to UK swoop
British police hunting for international terrorists detaine ...  | Read.. 

‘Alien’ scare on space station
Russian space officials dismissed today suggestions that th ...  | Read.. 

Doctors rush to cure Blair stomach ache
Two doctors were rushed to Tony Blair’s Downing Street offi ...  | Read.. 

For troops, not a regular feast
There was turkey and stuffing, and American football on tel ...  | Read..