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Four more in net for Binod jailbreak

Sleuths of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) arrested four wardens on Tuesday evening on charges of helping Sheikh Binod and five associates flee Dum Dum Central jail. The four, who had a role to play in the jailbreak along with then chief warden Ramji Singh, will be produced in court on Wednesday.

Deputy inspector-general (CID) Raj Kanojia said a team of sleuths set off for Dum Dum jail on Tuesday evening and rounded up the offenders. “We are trying to find out how Binod and his associates had planned their escape. From the outset, we were sure about the role of some jail officials. Soon enough, we had gathered enough evidence against chief warden Singh. After his arrest, we interrogated him, as also Binod and his jailbreak aides. Their versions led to the four arrests today,” Kanojia explained.

The four wardens were identified as Swapan Chakraborty, Pradeep Dutta, Sadhucharan Sarkar and Rabindranath Mondal. According to CID sources, the four worked as messengers for Binod and his associates.

“They delivered messages for a fee. They met Binod's associates and told them about the escape plan. One of them, we suspect, had accompanied Chaitanya Pal, the ex-convict plumber who helped in the getaway, to Binod's associates and had explained the escape plan in detail,” said the official.

During the escape, Chakraborty, Dutta, Sarkar and Mondal, along with their chief warden, had ensured that Binod and his aides got a fair chance to flee.

“The ladder was placed by Pal well in advance, so no one would suspect him. The four wardens also made sure that none of the other inmates strayed to the jailbreak spot,” the official added.

Kanojia admitted that his men were still not sure about the whereabouts of Baitha Kima, the drug smuggler who had been arrested from former CBI joint director Upen Biswas’ residence, and later escaped with Binod.

“He has been difficult to track down. He could still be hiding somewhere nearby, but he has certainly not made off to Europe or any other far-off destination. We are grilling Binod and the others for leads. They have made some contradictory statements about Kima’s whereabouts that we need to cross-check,” Kanojia added.

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