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Velvet revolution risks political vacuum
The bloodless revolution that deposed Eduard Shevardnadze looked like a reprise of the collapse of the Communist Party regimes of eastern Europe more than a decade ago. ...  | Read.. 
Cat leaps out of the hat in US
A whiskered Mike Myers won over North American audiences this weekend, earning more than $40 million at the box office. ...  | Read.. 
Sniper jury
The jury that convicted Washington-area sniper John Muhammad of murder recommended today he be sentenced to death for one of 10 fatal shootings that terrorised the US capital ...  | Read.. 
Democrats humble pro-China party in HK
Democrats in Hong Kong have dealt a blow to their pro-China opponents in local elections, sending a clear message to Beijing that the city’s people want the right to elect th ...  | Read.. 
An elderly Georgian man walks with his grandson outside the parliament building in Tbilisi on Monday. (Reuters)
Santa shock
Crime cut
Turkey tune
33 students killed in Moscow fire
A fire blamed on an electrical fault ripped through a Moscow dormitory block in the early hours of ..  | Read.. 
Jackson album tops British charts, Liz backs good friend
Michael Jackson, who is accused of child sex offences, topped the British charts last night wit..  | Read.. 
UK bugging scandal irritates Pak
Pakistan today described Britain’s internal spy service ...  | Read.. 

Donkey’s life miserable in Iraq
Since guerrillas used donkeys to outwit the high-tech defen ...  | Read.. 

Diplomats against ‘Fort Knox’ embassies
British diplomats vowed today they would not retreat behind ...  | Read.. 

Woman body exhumed after Pervez prod
Pakistani officials exhumed the body of a 22-year-old woman ...  | Read.. 

Blair, Chirac meet to soothe war nerves
Britain’s Tony Blair and French President Jacques Chirac so ...  | Read.. 

President fires key minister
Georgia’s new leaders took charge today, its interim Presid ...  | Read..