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Lax staff leave drains dirty

ASHOKA MONDAL, Trinamul Congress councillor of Calcutta Municipal Corporation (CMC) ward no. 119, met residents at 15/1, Sahapur Main Road, to reply to their queries. Participants included Ashoke Kumar Das, Smritish Bhowmik, Anup Kujur, Soumen Haldar, Chandan Goswami, Pradeep Kumar Sarkar, Bhupesh Chandra Chakraborty, Laltu Mazumdar, Manik Ghosh, Tapan Haldar and Jiban Chakraborty

Manik Ghosh: I live on Brojen Mukherjee Road. Here, work on the sewerage system has been continuing for a long time. When will it be completed'

I am fully aware of the incomplete sewerage work on Brojen Mukherjee Road. I have already spoken to mayor-in-council member (drainage and sewerage) Mala Roy. Work will resume when funds are available.

Manik Ghosh: Our drains are not cleaned properly.

Drains stay dirty because the civic workers are lax. I shall take them to task.

Ashoke Kumar Das: I live at the junction of Taratala and Sil Thakur Road. Here, the Calcutta Port Trust canal has silted over completely. During the monsoon, even a light shower can flood the area for days.

I have been struggling for three years to solve the problem. I regularly brief mayor Subrata Mukherjee and his council member Rajib Deb, who used to look after drainage and sewerage. The canal siltation is an old problem, dating back to 50 years or more. Sometime earlier, I tried to get the canal cleaned. Now, the public works department (PWD) is working nearby. After that project, the CMC plans to clean up the canal.

Smritish Bhowmik: I reside on Sahapur Main Road. Here, a sewer pipe runs up to Panchabatitala and then suddenly veers off to another direction.

Earlier, sewerage work was carried out up to Panchabatitala. A portion of it remains unfinished. I am pleading with everybody to get the work done. Inspection was carried out but work could not be started for want of funds.

Smritish Bhowmik: Are you planning to rename Sahapur Main Road'

No. That apart, the CMC has some rules on renaming a road. Those rules cannot be flouted.

Bhupesh Chandra Chakraborty: The condition of SN Chatterjee Road is deplorable.

True. There is a children’s school on that road, too. It needs proper repairs. I assure you work will be carried out around December.

Anup Kujur: JK Pal Road remains waterlogged for days on end in the monsoon.

I am aware of the problem and it will get top priority. Already, a surface drain has been laid. Moreover, to tackle the problem, the mayor has approved a Rs 3.5-crore project.

Tapan Haldar: The sewerage system on Madhab Haldar Road needs a drastic overhaul before the onset of the next monsoon.

The PWD has taken up a massive sewerage project from Taratala to Behala Chowrasta. I hope the problem in your area will be resolved shortly.

Soumen Haldar: There is no CMC-run primary school in the locality, despite Behala being a vast area. Will you please ensure that we have one'

You have rightly pointed it out. Behala is an area where people of different income groups live. Undoubtedly, primary schools help those who cannot afford the educational expenses. I shall talk to the member, mayor-in-council, in charge of education. Before that, I request you to select a site where it can come up.

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