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Speaking Stories

This is a lively theatre performance in English based on Indian folk tales, with live music accompaniment. The story revolves around a farmer, who was earlier known for narrating extraordinary stories, does not want to tell these stories any more to his servant in his embittered age. At night the servant observes, how the peeved stories unfold from the farmerís stomach and decide to kill him in three ways. They are prepared for the eventuality that they can then no longer be narrated. Three times the servant saves the farmerís life. As gratitude, the farmer narrates a story each time and thereby regains his youthfulness. The three narrated stories form the centre point of the play and deal with the question: to what extent is manís fate is in his own hands and how important it is to pass on oneís knowledge, so that it does not get lost. Alien and far removed as the cultures may seem to be, the characters in Indian folk tales are familiar to both the cultures, in their endearing shrewdness. A joint production of Max Mueller Bhavan Chennai and Calcutta, the play is directed by Martina van Boxen and performed by members of Theater Triebwerk, Hamburg.

When: Today at 6.30 pm

Where: Max Mueller Bhavan, 8, Pramathesh Barua Sarani

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