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War last choice for any President: Bush
President George W. Bush adopted a conciliatory tone yesterday as he prepared to leave for a state visit to Britain, insisting that he had no intention of rushing into war against North Korea or Iran. ...  | Read.. 
Norway puts peace role on hold
Norway today added a new dimension to the Sri Lankan crisis by announcing it would put its role as peace broker on hold till President Chandrika Kumaratunga and Prime Min ...  | Read.. 
Mediators not in Chandrika good books
The Norwegian mediators that Kumaratunga invited to break the impasse with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are at the moment not the President’s favourite people. ...  | Read.. 
Putin tries to pacify jittery business
President Vladimir Putin, trying today to calm Russia’s business leaders, acknowledged concerns over a case that has put the richest of them all behind bars and pledged not t ...  | Read.. 
Halle Berry (left) and co-star Robert Downey Jr at the world premiere of Gothika in Los Angeles on Thursday. (Reuters)
Leader’s escape
Boy in coop
Greek rule
Ship-shape Crowe goes 63 days with no alcohol
It was his 63rd day of being sober, and Russell Crowe seemed to like it. But before anyone thinks th..  | Read.. 
Hilton heiress in sex tape storm
The man seen having sex with Paris Hilton in a notorious amateur videotape that has surfaced on the..  | Read.. 
Rumsfeld says no early pullout
Iraqis can expect a faster transfer of power, but US troops ...  | Read.. 

Alabama’s Moses ousted from office
Alabama’s chief justice was removed from office today for r ...  | Read.. 

Pak denies aiding Iran
Pakistan today reiterated its denial of reports that it had ...  | Read..