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Italy sad but it will soldier on
As its tricolour flags flew at half-mast, Italy sent fresh troops to Iraq today just one day after 18 Italians were killed by suicide bombers there in what one political leader called “our September 11”. ...  | Read.. 
Jolted Japan puts Iraq troops on hold
Shocked by a deadly bomb attack on Italian troops in what had been seen as a relatively safe area of Iraq, Japan said today its planned dispatch of non-combat forces was not ...  | Read.. 
Old Europe to Bush:
Was France right about Iraq all along' ...  | Read.. 
Blair to offer beer to Bush at pub
US President George W. Bush welcomed Tony Blair down on the range in Texas. Now the British leader could be returning the favour by taking the world’s most powerful man to th ...  | Read.. 
An Italian soldier guards the military base in Nassiriya, 400 km south of Baghdad. (AFP)
Biz-savvy Madonna rolls out toys based on book
A few years ago, if someone said Madonna was selling toys, one would assume sex toys...  | Read.. 
Lanka rivals work on formula
The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam have asked the Norwegian mediators to guarantee that the S..  | Read.. 
UK judge touches a raw nerve in Kremlin
A British judge delivered a scathing indictment of Russia’s ...  | Read.. 

Hawaii ‘hard work’ gives a tan
Where was Arnold' ...  | Read..