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Sold! Sixpack of beer & belles

Berlin, Nov. 11 (AFP): Six German women in their mid-30s who promise to add sparkle to even the dullest party have sold themselves in an Internet auction for just over 25,000 euros ($28,600).

The friends advertised themselves on eBay saying they would take a crate of beer round to any party — and then stay.

“Not enough to drink' Want some new faces' Too many men' Empty dance floor' Party always over by 11.00 pm' Always the same old dull couples'” they asked.

“Then get into a real party mood with our sixpack. We will personally bring the crate round. And the best thing is, we’ll stay and party too.”

When the auction ended late on Sunday, the highest of the 218 bids came in at the tidy sum of 25,050 euros, offered by an unidentified buyer.

“It started off as a gag,” said Locki, one of the women. “It was a one-off and it’s no reason to give up our day jobs,” she said.

She said she and her friends suspect the successful bidder, known under an e-mail name blueemoon100, is actually a company looking for publicity.

“Everybody knows the party we’ll go to will be a media spectacle, so I am sure our hosts won’t greet us in latex and leather.”

She and the others, who are called Nicole, Andrea, Steffi, Kerstin and Christine, are aged between 30 and 36 and come from Guetersloh, in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

“We’re being overrun by radio, television and newspapers! We never thought it would cause such a fuss,” they say on a website they hurriedly set up after being flooded by e-mails.

At one point the site crashed under the weight of hits.

The bidding began on November 1, and 25 offers in the final day took the total from 13,700 euros to the winning 25,050.

Four other women in their mid-20s are now offering themselves as party guests too, claiming cattily to be a “cellulite-free alternative to the over-30s”.

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