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Ranil agrees to talks, no question of mending ties
Sri Lanka’s political crisis is all set to be a long-drawn, bitter confrontation with both President Chandrika Kumaratunga and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe fighting for the survival of their political careers. ...  | Read.. 
Khodorkovsky denied bail, to remain in prison
A Moscow court denied bail today to oil magnate Mikhail Khodorkovsky and ordered him to remain in prison pending an investigation into charges of fraud and tax evasion. ...  | Read.. 
US to get tough with rebels, says army chief
The top US military commander in Iraq signalled today his forces would take tougher action against insurgents, warning he would not hesitate to use any weapon at his disposal ...  | Read.. 
Al Qaida threat
A London-based Arab magazine said today that Osama bin Laden’s militant al Qaida network has claimed responsibility for the deadly bombing in Saudi Arabia and warned of more ...  | Read.. 
Pop superstar Britney Spears (centre) with former army private Jessica Lynch (right) and army specialist Shoshana Johnson at Glamour magazine’ ...  | Read
Sold! Sixpack of beer & belles
Six German women in their mid-30s who promise to add sparkle to even the dullest party have sold ..  | Read.. 
EU taught a kilt gender lesson
European bureaucrats were forced to concede yesterday that the kilt is a male garment after an outc..  | Read.. 
Saudis vow to hit back with iron fist
Saudi Arabia has detained suspects in the devastating suici ...  | Read..