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Mighty Minogue

London, Nov. 10 (AP): Kylie Minogue dethroned American superstar Madonna as Britain’s longest reigning pop princess today, as measured by the time between first and last chart-toppers, after the Australian singer’s latest single went straight to number one in the music charts.

The track, Slow, gave Minogue her seventh number one in Britain — 15 years and nine months after she first hit the top of the charts with I Should be So Lucky in 1988.

Madonna went 15 years and one month between her first British number one, Into the Groove, in 1985 and her last, Music, in 2000, according to officials at British hit singles. “To have number ones in three decades and remain the most fanciable pop star is an amazing achievement,'' said David Roberts, the Chart Book’s editor.

Slow is the first release from Minogue’s new album Body Language and follows her global hit Fever, the album that finally brought her to US attention after decades as a household name in Britain and Australia.

Panda food

Beijing (Reuters): China has built a biscuit factory to cater exclusively to its captive giant pandas, giving them a more healthy choice than the usual steamed bread, the China Daily said on Monday. “The cream-coloured biscuit, made of bamboo, is rich in vitamins and trace elements and the fibre content is up to 30 per cent,” the newspaper quoted panda researcher Yu Jianqiu as saying. The factory was built in October and so far 30 pandas had tried the biscuits. “They seemed to love our new recipe very much as they all have a good appetite for the biscuits,” Yu said. “Later, all pandas in captivity across the country will be provided with the new food.” Experts estimate that 1,000 giant pandas live in the foggy mountains around the Sichuan basin in southwest China, while about 140 live in captivity.

Strip store

Paris (AFP): Despite yips from feminist critics and yawns from blase shoppers, striptease classes being held at a landmark Parisian store are an ideal accessory for other lacy items on sale here. Galeries Lafayette, which has unfurled a newly-refurbished lingerie department, is not only offering its customers pricey underthings, but is now giving lessons on how to remove them, too. The “lessons in seduction” on offer to 200 women — and only women — in the intimacy of a private top-floor salon in the store, teach how to slip off a garter (smoothly) and how to unbutton a shirt (from the bottom up).

They also offer the valuable lesson that, even in a down-and-out economy groping for novelty, sex continues to sell. The explicit nature of the course has rankled some feminists, but browsers were on the whole appreciative.

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