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Murdered mother, child identified

Close to a fortnight after the murder of a 28-year-old woman and her seven-year-old daughter in a Bhubaneswar hotel, the victims have been identified as Anindita and Alokananda, of Behala.

Suspicion hangs heavy over Anindita’s husband, Snehashish Banerjee, absconding since the bodies were recovered. He left Calcutta along with his wife and daughter and headed for Bhubaneswar on October 25. Police suspect that the following day, he poisoned the two by spiking their soft drinks.

Investigations suggested that while Anindita died soon after consuming the poisoned drink, young Alokananda was also suffocated with a pillow by Snehashish. He then covered the bodies with a sheet and fled the hotel early next morning.

Bhubaneswar police recovered the bodies from the hotel room the trio had checked into, on October 28. The police were struggling to identify the victims, till Anindita’s brother, Sayansiddha, reached Bhubaneswar a couple of days ago, with photographs of his sister and niece. According to investigating officer B.R. Barla of Capitol police station, in Bhubaneswar, Snehashish had checked into the hotel as Amit Majumdar of central Calcutta, making it tough for sleuths to identify the two bodies, revealed Sayansiddha.

“Snehashish had told us they are going to Digha and would return in a couple of days. When they did not come back, we waited for a couple of days before lodging a missing diary with Behala police station,” said Sayansiddha.

“On November 7, my cousin Satyajit called me up after he read a report in a newspaper about two unidentified bodies, of a mother and daughter, being found in a Bhubaneswar hotel room and police suspecting that they were from Calcutta,” Sayansiddha added.

He and Satyajit, along with a friend, proceeded to Bhubaneswar and helped the police identify Anindita and Alokananda. “We also identified Snehashish on the basis of a computer-generated picture prepared by the police,” said Satyajit.

Sayansiddha claimed his sister had mentioned that her husband was having an extra-marital affair. “She had hinted that she was being mentally tortured by Snehasish for protesting,” he recounted.

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